Jianguang Digital Technology

Shenzhen Jianguang Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (JGDT) is a China's leading provider of complete IT solutions for the digital transformation of traditional industries. It focuses on offering implementation of ERP, SRM, CRM, MDM and other management software and DX-related IT services. Currently, JGDT is recognized as TOP5 domestic provider in IT solutions and software outsourcing domain.

The Enterprise Application Service Business Unit (EASBU) of Pactera Technology Co., Ltd, the predecessor of JGDT, was spun off from HNA through MBO in 2018. In September 2020, it was acquired by JAC Capital, and officially renamed as JGDT. With the rise of digital transformation, the investment of JAC Capital in JGDT is in line with the strategy of the "Made in China 2025",industrial upgrade and information security. Through the synergy with wafer fabrication plants, JAC Capital will further promote the establishment of a Chinese intelligent manufacturing platform.

 Website : https://www.jgdt.com/